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Whether you are a contractor, home owner, landscaper, or developer, we have the construction solutions your looking for to produce the best results.


JR Works is a personable group of experienced professionals focused on interior and exterior construction projects of all sizes.  We are a small company that brings a huge amount of passion to every project.  Our 45 years combined experience in the construction industry provides our customers with access to expert knowledge and understanding of their projects.


The goal of our hands-on management approach is to build lasting, honest relationships founded on great service, communication, and promises delivered.




Landscape Materials

At JR Landscape Works we offer a complete solution for your landscape construction projects.


If you're looking for one product for a small job or multiple products for a complex design we will get your landscape materials to you.


Often we can recommend a commercial grade product at a comparable price that will outperform and be easier to use than a standard residential product.


If you’re a commercial landscaping contractor, we have the product knowledge to get your materials ordered and efficiently delivered.


Let us put our expertise to work for you and help get your projects done faster, easier, and at a lower cost.


Call us with a list of what you need and we'll deliver it to your site.


Pine/Spruce Mulch

Brown Mulch

Fir Nugget Mulch

Cedar Mulch

Black Mulch

Road Crush

20mm Limestone

40mm Limestone

10mm Rundle

20mm Rundle

40mm Rundle

Drain Rock 

Raw Loam

Screend Loam 

Garden Mix 

Rundle Boulders

Sandstone Boulders 





Fescue Sod

Kentucky Blue Sod

Concrete Planters


Plastic Edging

Aluminum Edging

Pavers & Block

Geo Textiles


DIY Packages

Our DIY Packages will save you money!  You can achieve amazing results in a day or two by completing the project yourself.


We provide the materials to complete the project and BULLS EYE Delivery of the materials to the precise location in your yard where you will install them.  

Contact us for a fast free quote, for product availability, Tree & Shrub orders, and any other material requirements.   Serving Calgary and neighboring communities.

Delivery & Removal

We are happy to provide industry standard delivery, or we offer the most economical delivery option with our Bulls Eye Delivery service.  


Instead of having your materials delivered in a pile on your street or driveway, for a small fee we will place materials in the work location where you will use them.  Imagine your landscape boulders, pavers, loam, sod, mulch or trees/shrubs all placed in your backyard as opposed to a pile in front of your property.


The same way we bring materials in, can also be used to remove old materials and haul them away. 


We utilize cutting edge equipment and technology to deliver or remove your materials from your specified location, allowing you to finish your project.  You save time, money, and your weekend.  


  • on time

  • on budget

  • exactly where it needs to be


Excavation & Grading

  • Backfilling, Leveling, Grading
  • Trenching                             
  • Frost Wall & Renovation Excavation
  • Driveway or Sidewalk Removal
  • Concrete and Asphalt Removal
  • Tree Pit Excavations
  • Dry Well and On Property Water Storage and Cisterns

Whether you’re looking to complete an addition on your home, regrade your property to allow for better drainage during heavy rains or flooding, trench in shallow utilities, or remove sidewalks & driveways, we can help you get this work done faster, cheaper, and easier.  


Let JR Dirt Works put our many years of experience and knowledge to work on your project.  

Tilling & Seeding

The size of our tilling and seeding equipment is ideal for large commercial or municipal projects while also fitting into small swales, through dips, over countoured hills and around obstacles on acreages or farms.

Whether you are wanting to break up ground for a garden, sports field, lawn, or you want to recondition a pasture for your animals JR Landscape Works can assist with proper seed bed preparation, seed selection, and the best finished seeding results.


The diversity of our equipment allows JR Maintenance Works to focus on Large Property Maintenance including lawn care, as well as snow and ice management.

The primary focus of our maintenance services is large-size lawn care, ditch mowing and maintenance, and extensive pathway systems.  

We also utilize our excavation equipment for snow loading and hauling.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada